KT Series Integrated Surface DTH Drill Rig

KT7 Integrated Surface DTH Drill Rig
The KT7 integrated surface DTH drill rig is a cutting-edge drilling machine that combines a down-the-hole drilling system with a screw compressor system. It uses a powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine to drive both systems. The single-stage, high-pressure screw compressor uses top-notch technology to provide a powerful pneumatic hammer. If you need a drill rig for open-pit mining, this product could be your ideal choice as its rock drilling speed is 20% to 50% higher than that of medium-pressure drilling equipment. With Kaishan you get the job done safer and faster.

KT11S Integrated Surface DTH Drill Rig
The KT11S integrated surface DTH drill rig utilizes a single power system to drive both the hydraulic system and a high-pressure screw compressor system. It features a compact structure and a high level of energy utilization. In addition, our product is equipped with auto-change drill rods, air conditioner, dry dust collector and other functional units. It is suited for rock drilling in numerous industries. Safer and Faster!

KT20 Integrated Surface DTH Drill Rig
By using a powerful hydraulic drive, the KT20 integrated surface DTH drill rig can complete a variety of operations such as walking, propelling, rotating and angular adjustment etc. To ensure high drilling efficiency, it is outfitted with a high-pressure screw compressor and a high-pressure pneumatic hammer. The cab with an air conditioner can create an extremely comfortable work environment. An automatic anti-jamming system is provided to minimize the failure rate of a drill rig. The use of a Caterpillar electronic engine ensures strong power and reliable performance. The walking mechanism can offer an automatic balancing function, thus making the drill rig more adaptable to rugged roads. In short, our product can fully meet your needs for large open-pit mining.

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