KT Series Integrated Surface DTH Drill Rig
KT11S Integrated Surface DTH Drill Rig

    The KT11S drill rig utilizes a single power system to drive both the hydraulic system and the high-pressure screw compressor system. It is equipped with auto-change drill rods, air conditioner, dry dust collector and other functional modules, enabling a compact structure and a high level of energy utilization.

    This product is suited for deep-hole rock drilling in numerous industries like open-pit mines, highways, water conservancy, electric power, building industry, among others.

KT20 Integrated Surface DTH Drill Rig

    With the support of a powerful hydraulic drive, this drill rig can perform a variety of operations like walking, propelling, rotating and angular adjustment etc. It is configured with a high-pressure screw compressor and a high-pressure pneumatic hammer to achieve high drilling efficiency.

  • The auto-change drill rod can drill a hole to a depth of 35m. The cab with an air conditioner can make you feel comfortable at work. Using an automatic anti-jamming system helps minimize the failure rate of a drill rig. The Caterpillar electronic engine possesses strong power and reliable performance.

  • Additionally, the walking mechanism with automatic balancing function makes the drill rig more adaptable to rugged roads and widely applied in large open-pit mines.

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