Machining Workshop
Machining the Air Cylinder for DTH Hammer

    More than 60 diversified grinding machines are available in this workshop.

  • The internal cylindrical grinder can process the components of high-pressure air hammer with precision ranging from 0.05um to 0.01um. It has a high degree of automation.

  • The external cylindrical grinder can work on the DTH hammer with a roughness of 0.8um and precision ranging from 10um to 25um.

    External cylindrical grinding with a precision of 0.12um

    Both the lathes and drilling machines in this workshop are used to handle the components of air picks and high-pressure air hammers. They can perform a wide variety of roughing and finishing operations such as drilling, groove milling, gear milling and rough turning etc.

Component Testing

    Test standard: Pressure: 0.5-2.1MPa, Frequency: 13-24.5Hz, Air consumption: 5m3/min-10m3/min

Drill Bit Machining

    This high-precision vertical drilling machine is basically used to drill holes in the drill bit.

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