KG/KY Series Surface DTH Drilling Rig
KG940A Surface DTH Drill Rig

The KG940A surface DTH drill rig is equipped with a dust collector and pipes to remove all traces of dust. It uses a reinforced carriage and a drag chain to achieve low abrasion and an attractive exterior. In order to ensure high stability and gradeability, we design this with a hydraulic motor imported from South Korea. The ergonomic swing arm is easy to use.

    A dust collection system is utilized to reduce air pollution.

KY140A Surface DTH Drill Rig

    A unique chain repair device is designed to enormously improve the walking efficiency of the drill rig.

  • The 4-cylinder diesel engine comes from a famous brand. Main advantages include high power, small size, low vibration and smooth operation.

  • The hydraulic cylinder with a movable pulley can produce a lifting force of up to 20KN. It uses a pressure regulating valve to obtain optimum propulsion according to different working conditions.

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